allTAP - an innovative approach to tap the right talent and skills:

  • “Tap the right talent and skills at higher convenience and lower hiring cost” concept.
  • Video featured resumes promoting local talent and skills.
  • Absolutely free and employer posted job advertisements  from across Canada.
  • Free employer access to large pool of Talented Applicant Profiles (TAP) and video resumes.
  • "No hire, no pay" policy with compelling hiring features and competitive service fees.
  • Jobs from across Canada at all levels junior to senior, managerial, professional and executive.
  • Prescreened and video featured resumes of professionals, experienced and fresh graduates.
  • Cost and time saving preview of applicants’ video profiles before an interview.
  • Hassle free and cost efficient hiring process at a breeze of ease in just a few clicks.

Featured Employers

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